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A message from our Superintendents

25 Mar 2021 • From the Minister

‘Beacons of Remembrance’

Many people marked the first anniversary of the lockdown in the UK on Tuesday 23rd March by sharing a ‘beacon of remembrance’, a candle or light on the doorstep of their homes. On this day of National Reflection we remembered the 126,284 people who have died in the UK as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic so far. 

It has been a devastating year for so many people as Covid has shone a light into the inequality of the world. We remember all who have suffered as a result of the pandemic as well as offering our thanks to all the care staff and essential workers who have given sacrificially in so many ways.

As we approach Holy Week, we are reminded of the sacrificial suffering of Jesus as he walked the way of the cross and his request to the disciples at their final meal together to “do this in remembrance of me”. (Luke 22:19) As Christians we have remembered Jesus in bread and wine shared together as ‘beacons of remembrance’ over the centuries. 

We may not all be able to receive Holy Communion due to the pandemic restrictions, but we continue our calling to be ‘beacons of remembrance’ shining light into the suffering and injustice of the world.

One opportunity was on Saturday 20th March, United Nations Anti-Racism Day when over 1,000 global citizens joined together online for the World Stand Up To Racism webinar. We commend this webinar to you with excellent speakers on the issues of global racism video

“That which is not articulated does not exist – we have to speak out against racism”
Kwame Kwei-Amar, Playwright, Actor and Director

“Racism is a matter of life and death – there is no more important cause.”
Diane Abbott MP

Every blessing

Alison, Neil and Nick Superintendents of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit