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​Labyrinth for Lent

​Labyrinth for Lent

21 Mar 2021 • Recent events

Labyrinth for Lent

If you’ve been past the church recently you may have noticed something different about the car park.

We’ve had a go at spray painting our own labyrinth for passers-by to use during Lent.

Labyrinths are ancient pathways found across the world. The winding path helps us to unwind, to let go and rest in God. Members of the early church as well as medieval pilgrims have used them as an aide to prayer. Walking a labyrinth as an act of prayer can sometimes lead to a transformation within us.

Unlike a maze which has many paths, a labyrinth has a single path which, if followed, will eventually lead to the centre. To enter a labyrinth is to walk with purpose and intentionality. It is a slowing down. A decision to become vulnerable in the act of opening up one's heart, body and mind by surrendering to the journey. It is often this being vulnerable and letting go that brings transformational peace. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth and there is no set pace, just follow the path in your own time.

If you’re passing the church, you are invited to walk the labyrinth.

You might like to pick up a stone at the entrance. And carry it as you journey to the centre.

If it feels like the right thing to do, leave the stone on the ground before you journey back out.